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indoor reception
Carriage Room
Garden Wedding
indoor reception
Elegant Beauty
Outdoor wedding/Gazebo Wedding
Garden Ceremony
Indoor/Outdoor Ceremony
Spring Wedding
Year round wedding venue
Winter Wedding
Grand Fireplace backdrop
Indoor Ceremony
Magical Garden Wedding
Evening Splendor
Outdoor wedding
Outdoor wedding
Garden path
Garden path
Skagit Outdoor Wedding Venue
Outdoor Wedding

Superhost from Airbnb

Airbnb awards the status of Superhost every quarter. We have been awarded this honor every quarter since we first decided to open our doors to the B&B.  I will say the only way this has been achieved is due to Carmen Osterhout our Manager.  Not only is Carmen extremely fastidious with her standards of clean and decor- she is a lover of people and a genuinely all around great person.  We now have quite a few repeat guests also. Click on the B&B tab in the menu for photos and descriptions of our rooms.